Bold Modern Victorian

It was an absolute treat to work with this creative young couple on their modern home in San Francisco that was once a very traditional Victorian home, but still retained some of the original charm.

It was important to add textures to bring a soft shell around some of the more modern furnishings and colorful accents. We wallpapered the living room fireplace with a gorgeous cork material, the office in a trompe l’oeil faux bois pattern, and the primary bedroom in a golden tan grasscloth. This created the perfect backdrop to marry their tastes of bold modern pieces and relaxed artistic styles.

Greens, rusty tones, and bold blue accents were our favorite tones for their spaces as it fit their personalities perfectly and allowed us to add color while still keeping an all over tranquil feeling.

We always love an opportunity to join a client’s styles with the home’s architecture, and it was important that we enveloped details of the exterior Victorian aesthetic with their bold interiors. This was truly a fun project to play with all aspects of the design to create the perfect home for our clients.


 “Lorri’s work is the perfect combination of fun and practical. She is creative and has no shortage of good ideas, and will make a point to understand your preferences. She spent so much time working with me through design boards and approaches to help me establish my own design style. In light of my preferences, Lorri curated a space full of nature and culture from my travels. The space is artsy yet livable and I spend more time at home than I ever thought possible!”


“Lorri helped us pick our tiles in the new bathroom and it is just gorgeous. Everybody pays me compliments for my good taste I will certainly use her services again.”


“Lorri of HC Interior Design is a creative enigma. She will transform a space into something you actually miss when you’re away and feel excited to come home to. Lorri’s ability to visualize and layer colors, patterns, textures, you name it – is truly amazing. She can also cater to a neutral/minimalist vibe if that’s your thing. Lorri has helped me design two homes and will be there for any future moves, no matter where they are!”


“My wife and I worked with Lorri & her amazing team at Hicks Cazenave Interior Design on our home remodel and full furnishings here in San Francisco – we cannot rave enough! They took the time to really understand what we wanted in our design, they truly listened to our budget and helped us make the best decisions for design and our family. Lorri and her team communicated often and were on site to help with all of the remodel construction phases. We feel so lucky to have worked with their team and will definitely be reaching out for the next project – Thank you HC Interior Design!”

Accent pillows add a level of comfort to any space. They complement furniture and can enhance a design’s color palette. As for finding the perfect pillows for your space, thinking about how you will use the space is key. You don’t want them to be too large and overpower your furniture. Conversely, you also don’t want pillows that are too small that they disappear and offer little function.

We loved dressing this cozy, tranquil bedroom for our client at the Four Seasons Residences with neutral-colored pillows and darker, textured elements. They incorporate a dose of calm and drama. ✨🛏️ 
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We love experimenting with color palettes – seeing how they complement each other and what mood they can set in a space. For our client at the Four Seasons Residences, we had the privilege of crafting this living area with colors like regal purples and grays that bring sophistication and elegance to the fore. The flowers and artwork also brighten the room, making those who occupy it feel at ease as they create memories that’ll last a lifetime. 💜🪻
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Culinary magic happens in the kitchen, so having enough space to move around is essential. The wider walkway between the marble countertop and the island allows plenty of easy movement without feeling too cramped, even with more than one cook in the kitchen.

Throw in antique and organic elements to create a beautiful union with the modern design, and you’ve got the perfect place to conjure that culinary magic. 🍽️🍲

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There’s something natural about incorporating raw materials into a space. You’re stripping away the extraneous and returning to the basics – using these elements that are more sustainable and of this earth. As designers, we derive inspiration from raw materials and love finding ways to elevate our designs with them. 
For example, you can bring nature indoors by adding rustic elements like wood or stone. You can also experiment with the interplay between raw materials and bold colors for a fun contrast. 🪨🪵 
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Thank you, Jasper, for your incredibly kind words! We feel so privileged to help bring your design dreams to life, and we hope this remodeling will give you the space to create new memories with your family. We look forward to crossing paths again! 🙏✨
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Accessories in a space speak volumes about those who inhabit it. Our client at the Four Seasons Residences was inspired by their recent travels abroad, along with raw materials and textures. So, we designed this elegant, refined corner vignette to bring those vacations to life, accessorizing this lovely blue resin side table with a striking Murano glass catch-all. The antique ceramic vase grounds the catch-all’s almost ethereal shade of blue with earthy tones. 💙🪴
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Art in the bedroom can be the cherry on top of the design aesthetic you aim to convey. It can set the mood, which is crucial for a space as private and sanctuary-like as the bedroom. For our Four Seasons client in downtown San Francisco, we strove to capture tranquil vibes in a cozy interior, with the mixture of blues, yellows, and browns on this stunning canvas painting injecting warmth and serenity. 🖼️🎨
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This Four Seasons project allowed us to experiment with scale juxtaposed against cityscape views. We relished the challenge of furnishing our client’s living room with eye-catching bespoke and vintage pieces while incorporating that breathtaking skyline. The white walls and natural light brighten the space, providing a canvas for pops of invigorating color. It’s the perfect place to make cherished memories as a family. 🛋️🌈
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We loved designing this young family’s home at the Four Seasons Residences in downtown San Francisco, especially incorporating bold, sophisticated accessories to capture and spotlight their personalities. For this entryway, we hung a gorgeous coconut shell mirror to represent their love of oceanside views. The drip-style table infuses this space with a sense of play, while the alabaster lamp adds a touch of class. ✨🐚
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